Good News All Channels Rs 130 TRAI New Rule For DTH 100%

TRAI New Rule for DTH: The new rules of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will come into effect from December 29. This is expected to be about half of the monthly fee for consumers watching TVs on DTH or cable at home. If the general domestic consumer wants to see 100 channels in just Rs 130 They also according to their wishes. That is, any operator or DTH service provider company will not be able to impose a forced package on customers. The process of implementing these rules has started in the country. According to the new rules of TRAI, more than 130 rupees will not be charged for 100 channels. These will include 65 free-to-air channels, Doordarshan’s 23 channels, 3 music channels, 3 news channels, and 3 movie channels. Although this monthly 130 rupees must be paid separately to GST.

There are about 10 thousand cable users in the city, while half of them are DTH consumers. At present, cable consumers in the city are paying an average of 200 to 350 rupees per month. While DTH is required to be paid monthly from Rs 300 to Rs 500. That too for Manmarija’s channel. Now after the new system is implemented, consumers will be able to restrict their own monthly rent by choosing the channel they want.

TRAI New Rule for DTH Says All the Existing Channels Will be Available after December 29th

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued new rules for the cable and broadcast industry. The legal action will be taken after breaking these rules. According to the CNBC voice, TRAI chairman RS Sharma has shared many things related to it.

  • Customers will not see any channel forcibly.
  • The customer will only pay for the same channel, which he wants to see.
  • New changes can protect the interests of customers.
  • For every channel that is fixed MRP, it will be necessary to give it in the electronic user guide.
  • Having MRP will not charge more money than the customers.
  • Only 100 to spend on 100 free-to-air channels
  • This rule will be applicable to cable operators, DTH and broadcaster.
  • If the rules are broken, there is a provision of legal action.
  • All these rules will be applicable from December 29

Good News All Channels Rs 130 TRAI New Rule for DTH

Need to show the fees for paid channels, whichever is desired, customers

According to the rules laid down by TRAI New Rule, all channel companies must inform the customer about free-to-air or pad of their respective channels. It will also be necessary to determine how much monthly fees are charged from the customer for which channel. In such a situation, the customer will decide on the monthly fee of that paid channel, whether or not he wants to see that channel.

TRAI’s new directives, rules on breaking rules

According to the TRAI guidelines, the number of channels the consumer wants to see under the TRAI New Rule, they only have to pay them. For this, DTH or cable operators will have to pay the fee for each channel in the User Guide. All DTH companies and cable operators will have to comply with these rules. If they do not do this, there will be legal action against them.

867 registered TV channels in the country, 309 pay channels

According to TRAI figures, TV industry in the broadcasting industry was about Rs 66 thousand crores in the year 2017. Of these, 358 broadcaster companies have 867 TV channels and 309 pay channels across the country. They are reaching people’s homes through 1469 MSOs and around 60,000 cable operators and 6 DTH companies in the country.

Customers will have to open a customer care center, complaints will be maintained.

DTH or cable service providers will have to set up a customer care center for customers according to the new rules. Also, the online Complement Management System must be prepared. Those who have complete information about the registration and disposal of customer complaints. The customer will also have to pay a bill and payment receipt for the monthly fee.

Many channels came down at less than 90 percent, the last month was the meeting

In the meeting held in the month of TRAI New Rule, the Broadcasting Company, DTH and cable operators along with the Consumer guidance committee and the main people working in this area had discussed the new rules. It came to light that the most common benefit of the TRAI New Rule was to the general audience. Because of many channel distributors or other middlemen medium, the customer was getting very much seen on the rate. Many channels, including Discovery, will be able to see around 90% low rates due to the new rules. On average, a consumer’s bill of DTH or cable will be half. Because at present more than half of the channels are not seen by consumers.

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