How To Play Youtube Videos In Background

YouTube Videos को बैकग्राउंड में कैसे चलायें

Play Youtube Videos In Background – Youtube which was launched in the year 2005 as an online video sharing website in the US. Youtube started by Chad Hurley, three people named Steve Chen, Jawed Karim. But today you can imagine the popularity of youtube today that Youtube Videos is the world’s second largest search engine in the world of the Internet. But currently, there is also the application of youtube along with the website, on which most smartphone users receive information, entertainment, news, etc. watching videos on youtube.

Today youtube is a repository of not only entertainment but knowledge of information, information technology and many more. youtube keeps releasing new updates from time to time to give your app better access to people. But even today, we can not see any video in the background on Youtube Videos. But by reading this article today, you can easily run any video in the background. So you can watch the favorite video using an app on the home screen.

How To Play Youtube Videos In A Background

You can follow the following easy steps to run a Youtube Videos in the background.

How To Play Youtube Videos In Background

First of all, you have to use this application called the awesome pop up from the play store. As you can see in the screenshot.

After installing the app, we will have to open this app. After opening, this app’s interface looks quite simple.

play youtube in background

We first have to sign in to this app from your youtube account. For that, we have to tap into an option called Me. Now you have to tap on login with youtube. And select that Gmail account and sign in.

How To Play Youtube Videos In Background

After signing in, now we have to go to settings and here we can tap on themes and choose a theme accordingly. Simultaneously, in video settings, we can tap the preferred playback quality for videos and choose the quality of the video in which quality we want to see the video in the background. Apart from this, we can enable other options available in settings as necessary.

Just doing so, we need to search the title of the video that we want to see, just like youtube in the search bar.

Now all the videos are showing in front of you. Now tap on the video you want to watch and the video will load in a few seconds. And this video will play minimize. After doing so, we will come back to the home screen to run this video in the background. And you will see that this video is still playing as you can see in the screenshot.

Just this way you can follow the easy steps given above. We hope this article of today will be useful to you. If you have any questions related to this article then you must tell us your comment box.

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