How Do I Increase Organic Traffic On My Blog Website 2019

Hello friends If you do not have organic traffic from any search engine on your website or blog or none of your posts are ranking in rank then you should understand that you need it. On doing SEO on your website or blog, many people do onsite SEO on their blog but do not focus on offsite SEO, so they do not have any organic traffic from any search engine on their blog so friends will not need to panic. No, we are going to tell you this post that you have to do off-site SEO for your blog-website for this.

What is Organic Traffic on a Website in 2019

Off-Site SEO Is Of Two Types.

  • Backlink
  • Promotion

Back Links To Your Blog On Organic Traffic

Friends If organic traffic is not coming to your Blog Website then the first thing is that you have to make as many backlinks as possible for your Blog Website, because backlink off is the most outstanding part of the site SEO, unless you have your website or blog For high-quality backlink, your blog is going to be very less organic traffic, because backlink is the biggest contribution to rank any of your pages, so, first of all, you need to create backlink for your blog backlink There are two types.

Get High-Quality Dofollow Backlink Top 10 Effective Ways

  • Do Follow Back Link
  • No follow

Do Follow Backlink

Those backlinks which give the signal to your post to follow the search engine, in easy language, do follow backlink, give your URL and anchor text to the search engine. This content is also on this blog. Let’s say there is no content on your blog. Like Apne Blog Website Par Organic Traffic Kaise Laye We know and the search engine is public and no one is public and there is also a lot of blog where this content will be, which has many backlinks.

This means that this content is on another blog, which many people know, so many people who know about it first, the search engine is the same as it appears in the search results, which gives him organic traffic. This is why our content is not included in the last so that our content is not found on organic traffic, so do follow backlink is very important for organic traffic.



NoFollow Back Link

No follow-back link also works to promote your blog in a way, but it only makes the blog-famous as if you comment on it, instead of just asking you to enter your URL and not an anchor text Suppose that if you share any URL on anything, then it is only your URL, but what kind of URL is that search engine, then How to find a search engine, so no follow backlink tells your blog to the search engine but Do follow Do not work as backlink.

Promotion From Your Blog On Organic Traffic

Friends will ask you a question from the promotion of getting Organic Traffic  you have a new Blog Website then you need to be promoted as long as you do not have direct traffic on your blog, you can search engine You cannot get organic traffic as well because the search engine first sees the user experience of this logo on how many people like this content, then you are going to get organic traffic, so you can give your content as social media Facebook Twitter share more on WhatsApp So that you get direct traffic on your blog and a user experience on your blog that will get you organic traffic.

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Friends We hope you have found the information that if you have any kind of question or suggestion on getting organic traffic at your Blog Website you can comment.

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